Tyson and Stakely Win Verdict in Pediatric Medical Malpractice Case

Fred Tyson and Frank Stakely obtained a defense verdict in a pediatric medical malpractice case. The plaintiff was a ten year old female at the time of trial and the suit was brought on her behalf by her parents alleging a failure to timely diagnose developmental dysplasia of the hips. The plaintiffs alleged that as a result of the delay in diagnosis, the child was forced to undergo unnecessary and complicated surgery and that her future prognosis was made worse by the alleged delayed diagnosis. The case was brought against an individual pediatrician and the pediatric group. Several members of the group examined the child during the timeframe in which the plaintiffs contended that the diagnosis should have been made. The case was defended both on the standard of care and on the issue of causation. Following a week-long trial, the jury deliberated for approximately 45 minutes before returning their verdict in favor of both the pediatrician and the pediatric group.