Corporate/Public Finance and Securities Law

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Corporate/Public Finance and Securities Law

We offer clients extensive expertise in the fields of public/corporate finance and securities. In the area of public finance, we have acted as bond counsel, warrant counsel, issuer counsel, company counsel, tax counsel and underwriter counsel. In our work as bond counsel, our lawyers have been engaged to review and render opinions upon bond and warrant financings for the State of Alabama, county and municipal bodies throughout the State of Alabama, and various authorities, boards and commissions having authority to issue indebtedness.

Our public finance lawyers are nationally recognized for their opinions regarding the validity and tax-exempt nature of indebtedness and other opinions in advance of the issuance of debt. These lawyers have been involved in the areas of general obligation indebtedness, tax increment financing, assessment financing, cooperative district financing, appropriation bonds, recovery zone bonds, gulf opportunity zone bonds, 501(c)(3) bonds, educational facility financing, public and private school financing, exempt facility bonds, small issue bonds, Build America Bonds, tax-exempt leasing and tax credit bonds. These debt financings have included both public and private placements. Our lawyers have also served as counsel for providers of credit enhancements in connection with the issuance of both tax-exempt and taxable debt. In fact, in their various capacities, our lawyers have been involved in well over one billion dollars of debt financings. We have also provided advice relating to arbitrage rebate issues in connection with tax-exempt financing.

In the corporate securities field, we have represented both issuers and underwriters in initial and secondary public offerings of stock and debt as well as private placements of equity and debt securities. Public securities offerings handled and approved by our lawyers total hundreds of millions of dollars. We have represented publicly-held corporate clients in matters concerning reporting procedures and programs.

We also represent issuers engaged in limited or intrastate offerings and securities dealings. We have also represented clients under inquiry or investigation by the Alabama Securities Commission, and our lawyers are experienced in both state and federal securities litigation. Our lawyers have also been involved in drafting and reviewing state securities legislation and regulations.

In addition, we have been engaged to advise the State of Alabama with respect to both tax and securities law requirements for the CollegeCounts 529 Plan.