Rushton Stakely Hosts First Annual Employment Law Seminar


On November 10th, Rushton Stakely hosted an employment law seminar for business leaders and human resources professionals. During this meeting, seven Rushton Stakely lawyers presented information regarding current legal trends in the workplace. Speakers discussed a number of legal issues including discrimination, harassment, and effective policies and procedures. The lawyers who spoke at this conference include: J. Evans Bailey, Bethany L. Bolger, Alan T. Hargrove, Jr., R. Austin Huffaker, Jr., Paul M. James, Jr., Robert C. Ward, Jr., and Benjamin C. Wilson. In addition to hearing from this panel of Rushton Stakely lawyers, Debra Leo, the Alternative Dispute Resolution coordinator for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, provided the keynote presentation regarding the EEOC’s role in the legal process. The purpose of this seminar was to offer a networking opportunity for business leaders and to present practical advice for the effective management of human resources needs.

Rushton Stakely plans to offer this seminar on an annual basis. In addition, the firm partners with the Center for Business and Economic Development to host employment law luncheons on a quarterly basis. If you wish to speak to one of our attorneys regarding workplace challenges or you would like to attend future meetings, please contact Leslie McGlaun at