Keene and Sexton Obtain Defense Verdict in Favor of ER Physician


Thomas H. Keene and T. Grant Sexton, Jr. obtained a defense verdict in a medical malpractice case in defense of an Emergency Room physician in the Circuit Court of Madison County. The suit alleged that the physician failed to timely diagnose a very rare subdural spinal cord lesion in her thoracic spine, leaving her completely paralyzed below the level T8. Keene and Sexton presented evidence from highly credentialed experts in the fields of Emergency Medicine and Neurosurgery establishing that their client’s actions met or exceeded the standard of care in every respect, and that the physician in no way caused the claimed injury. After the evidence was in, the plaintiffs’ counsel suggested to the jury that they award between 13 and 15 million dollars for Plaintiff’s injury.
After two full weeks of trial, the Huntsville jury returned a Defense Verdict.