Jackson Named Most Trusted Municipal Bond Adviser of the Year – Alabama


J. Theodore Jackson has been named “Most Trusted Municipal Bond Adviser of the Year – Alabama” by Acquisition International. Winners are determined through “a comprehensive analysis of the industry and a complete run through of the best of the best in terms of industry experts.” Results are based on votes received from industry leaders and extensive in-house research, and awards are given solely on merit with the goal of recognizing outstanding industry leaders in their respective fields.

Rushton Stakely has almost 70 years experience in the fields of public/corporate finance and securities. In the area of public finance, we have acted as bond counsel, warrant counsel, issuer counsel, company counsel, tax counsel and underwriter counsel. In our work as bond counsel, our lawyers have been engaged to review and render opinions upon bond and warrant financings for the State of Alabama, county and municipal bodies throughout the State of Alabama, and various authorities, boards and commissions having authority to issue indebtedness.

Rushton Stakely has been a respected leader in the legal community for over 120 years, and our firm has been recognized repeatedly for outstanding performance. Our public finance lawyers are nationally recognized for their opinions regarding the validity and tax-exempt nature of indebtedness and other opinions in advance of the issuance of debt. We are thrilled that one of our lawyers has been recognized with this prestigious international award.