Garrett Wins Defense Verdict – Moore v. Shaul

R. Brett Garrett obtained a defense verdict in the Circuit Court of Chilton County, Alabama on behalf of his client in a motor vehicle accident that occurred in Clanton, Alabama. The case involved a motor vehicle collision that occurred on 7th Street North near the intersection of 1st and 2nd Streets North. Mr. Garrett’s client struck the rear of Plaintiff’s vehicle. Mr. Garrett’s client acknowledged that his attention was diverted from the roadway immediately prior to impact.

Plaintiff sued Mr. Garrett’s client alleging that he acted negligently and wantonly in causing the accident. Mr. Garrett obtained dismissal of the wantonness claim via dispositive motion prior to trial. Mr. Garrett defended Plaintiff’s claims without affirmative defense arguing that his client’s actions prior to the accident were reasonable under the circumstances and did not amount to negligence. Plaintiff claimed bodily injury including concussion, neck/shoulder injury and back injury. Plaintiff introduced testimony of her treating physical medicine/rehabilitation specialist who offered his medical opinion that Plaintiff’s injuries were directly caused by the subject accident.

The jury returned a verdict in favor of Mr. Garrett’s client. The case was tried before the Hon. Ben A. Fuller. (Circuit Court of Chilton County, Alabama — CV-2018-900003)