Garrett Obtains Defense Verdict in Multi-Vehicle Collision with Injury

R. Brett Garrett obtained a defense verdict in the Circuit Court of Lee County Alabama on behalf of his client in a complicated, multi-vehicle/motorcycle accident that occurred in Auburn, Alabama. The case involved a collision that occurred near the intersection of roadways within Logan Square Apartments. Mr. Garrett’s client collided with a motorcycle driven by Plaintiff as they proceeded through an intersection and around a commercial vehicle which obstructed visibility.

Plaintiff sued Mr. Garrett’s client alleging that she acted negligently and wantonly in causing the accident. Plaintiff also alleged that Mr. Garrett’s client and the owner of the commercial vehicle were liable under a theory of combining and concurring negligence. Mr. Garrett defended Plaintiff’s claims alleging contributory negligence. Plaintiff incurred substantial bodily injury in the accident including tibial and fibular fractures requiring multiple corrective surgeries. Plaintiff introduced testimony of his treating orthopedic surgeon who offered his medical opinion that Plaintiff’s injuries were directly caused by the subject accident and further, that multiple surgeries were necessary for treatment of his related injuries.

The case tried before Hon. Christopher J. Hughes. After a three day trial, the jury returned a verdict in favor of Mr. Garrett’s client.