Freeman and Love obtain favorable verdict in Montgomery County Jury Trial


Plaintiff sustained various injuries arising out of a motor vehicle collision with Defendant driver. Plaintiff asserted that the Defendant was guilty of negligence and wantonness causing the collision and resulting in bodily injury and other damages including wage losses for three weeks of work missed, medical expenses, pain and suffering and other special damages. Defendant denied any and all wrongdoing and noted that to the extent Plaintiff was injured or otherwise damaged was the result of Plaintiff’s own negligent conduct. Prior to the trial of this case, the UM carrier advanced settlement proceeds in the amount of $30,000. Applicable policy limits were $50,000. In order for Plaintiff to recover anything at trial, Plaintiff would have had to obtain a verdict over $50,000. The Plaintiff asked the jury to award no less than $75,000.00. After several days of trial, the jury deliberated for approximately two hours. The jury returned a verdict in the amount of $10,000 resulting in Defendant’s carrier retaining net proceeds of $20,000.