Firm Successfully Defends Hospital and Registered Nurse

L. Peyton Chapman, III and William S. Haynes successfully defended a hospital and registered nurse in a medical malpractice/wrongful death case which was tried before the Honorable Eugene W. Reese in the Circuit Court of Montgomery County, Alabama. The case involved the death of a patient who was seen and treated in the hospital’s emergency department for an allergic reaction. The allegations against the hospital and nurse related to information which was allegedly communicated to the hospital by the patient’s primary care physician on the day in question, but which was not included in the patient’s chart. Plaintiff further alleged that the co-defendant emergency physician failed to properly address the patient’s chest x-ray findings, failed to order appropriate lab studies, and improperly discharged the patient from the hospital. These allegations were vigorously disputed by the Defendants. The case was tried for seven days, culminating in a jury verdict in favor of all Defendants after less than thirty minutes of deliberations. The Plaintiff was represented by Richard H. Holston, Esq., of Holston, Vaughn, Andress, LLC of Mobile, Joseph A. Zarzaur, Esq., of Taylor Martino, P.C. of Mobile, and Michael G. Strickland, Esq., of Strickland & Kendall, LLC, of Montgomery.