Eminent Service Award Presented to J. Theodore Jackson


The Alabama Rural Electric Association of Cooperatives recently awarded the prestigious Eminent Service Award to shareholder J. Theodore Jackson at its 64th Annual Meeting held in Montgomery.  Ceremony attendees numbered in excess of 450 from over 60 Alabama counties.

The Eminent Service Award honors individuals who make outstanding contributions to Alabama’s and to the nation’s electric cooperatives. Only individuals of the highest caliber and with qualifications of great achievement contributing to the rural electrification program are chosen for this award.

The award has been given only twice in the last seven years.  Past recipients include U.S. Senator Lister Hill, U.S. Senator John Sparkman, U.S. Senator James Allen, U.S. Senator Howell Heflin, Georgia U.S. Senator Herman Talmadge, Mississippi U.S. Senator Jamie Whitten, Congressman Tom Bevill, and U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions.

Mr. Jackson has served with Rushton Stakely since 1970, and was elected by the AREA Board of Trustees as its General Counsel in 1978. He also serves as General Counsel to PowerSouth Energy Cooperative, an electricity generation and transmission cooperative which is approaching $2 billion in assets, and as general counsel of several electric distribution cooperatives. He practices law in the areas of utility, energy, finance, taxation, and other areas of business law.