Defense Verdict Achieved in Radiology Case


Tommy Keene and Grant Sexton received a defense verdict on behalf of their radiology client in the Circuit Court of Montgomery County. The Plaintiff alleged that the Defendant misidentified a liver tumor which, in turn, delayed treatment for liver cancer by one year.  The tumor was classified as a benign hemangioma by the radiologist when, in fact, it turned out to be hepatocellular cancer.  The one-year delay allowed the tumor to double in size and spread to both lobes of the liver.  Thus, the Plaintiff alleged that the patient was deprived of a surgical cure for her liver cancer.  When the cancer was diagnosed, the patient received chemotherapy and other therapy but was no longer a surgical candidate nor a liver transplant candidate.  She died from her disease, and the wrongful death suit followed.

At trial, Plaintiff’s counsel asked the jury to return a ten-million-dollar verdict.  The jury returned a defense verdict even though the Defendant radiologist acknowledged in hindsight that he should have at least recommended further testing and should not have classified the tumor as a benign hemangioma.